To Whom it May Concern:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Murray Duncan and his associates for many years on various projects in Northern California. Their design team does a phenomenal job with unique architectural features and details both inside and out. Because of their uniqueness, the projects we’ve collaborated on tend to stand far above the rest in my area for both quality and design.

I would not hesitate to recommend Murray Duncan Architects, as a premier company in the architectural industry. Should anyone wish to discuss them further, please feel free to call me at 530-891-1204.

Pat Conroy
President Conroy Construction

Pat Conroy

Dear Murray,

We just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your firm’s hard work on all of our projects these couple of past years. Over the years we have come to appreciate the special touches and design elements that good architecture brings to our projects.

We have greatly appreciated the free flow of ideas between our firms on each project we have tackled. We believe this has resulted in some truly remarkable homes that are functionally as well as architecturally stunning and true to their style.

We are always looking for quality homes that are fun to build and provide a satisfying feeling of accomplishment when completed. Your firm has always provided us with the architecture to enable us to achieve these goals.

We look forward to the projects in the pipeline that we are currently working on together and anticipate even greater things for both our firms in the future.

Greg Rossini

Greg Rossini

A.K. Huddleston, Inc. has been in business in Santa Barbara for over 30 years. We have had the pleasure of teaming up with Murray Duncan Architects on many wonderful construction projects. Murray’s architectural designs are projects that we are always proud to build. His hands on approach and follow through with the Contractor and the client show his integrity and are essential for a smooth successful project.

The staff of Murray Duncan Architects are seasoned professionals and are always available to answer the many questions that arise during the course of construction.

Murray Duncan Architects is a company that has a standard of excellence that we are proud to partner with.

Hud Huddleston
AK Huddleston Construction

Hud Huddleston
- AK Huddleston Construction

I have been living in the house for almost one year since it has been complete. It took a little over three years to build it, due to its wonderful architectural design and the complexity to detail that makes it unique. You and your firm’s tenacity throughout the entire process, from concept through construction documentation was exactly what I was hoping for but really didn’t expect how much effort you put forth. I do appreciate your ability to bring to drawing the ideas that we shared and your true desire to create wonderful artful, environments to live. I, on a daily basis, look around and am delighted in the end product and pleased with my decision to have utilized you and your firm.

Gary R

Gary R
Home Owner

I have enjoyed working with Murray Duncan and his team for many years. The staff at Murray Duncan Architects is highly qualified and responsive to the challenges we face in procuring project entitlements. Their approach to detail and unique design solutions that are responsive to today’s marketplace is what sets Murray Duncan Architects apart and above most other architectural firms.

Having worked with Murray and his staff on many different unique project types including high-end to affordable single family detached homes, multifamily attached homes and high density apartment/resort living themed communities. I would highly recommend Murray Duncan Architects for land planning and architectural design services.

Courtney Seeple
Vice President Project Management
- The Towbes Group

Herb and I have had the pleasure of working with Murray designing several of our Luxury Custom Homes. Murray specializes in designing one of a kind, luxury estate homes of varying architectural styles intended to meet the specific and individual tastes of our clients. Murray works closely with our clients through the many stages of design to ensure that their home will be personalized, comfortable and elegant.

The staff and Murray Duncan Architects have always served our clients with professionalism, courtesy and respect. We look forward to working together with Murray on many more projects.

Cindy and Herb Hasche

To Whom it May Concern,
Over the past 25 years I have worked with Murray Duncan and his firm on several residential and commercial projects. These projects include residential, commercial office buildings, commercial tenant improvements, single and multi-unit condominiums and apartment buildings.

Murray, as the project architect, has been an essential, high-quality lead component to our development team and has consistently delivered a quality result within the required time and budget constraints. Further, and in contrast to other architectural firms we have experienced, Murray Duncan and his team has been a much added value in its capability to understand and execute when the pressure is on, they know how to deliver. Their design talents, technical excellence, and commitment are highly appreciated by our firm.

In business relationships, Murray Duncan Architects, Inc. has always conducted itself with complete professional honesty and respect to contract, confidentiality and financial issues.

I highly recommend Murray Duncan and his team.

Mike Timm