Murray Duncan Architects, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Murray Duncan Architects is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA with offices in the Sacramento and Roseville area.

Computer technology allows our offices to work seamlessly. As a seasoned team with a legacy of unique award-winning design, we offer uncompromising attention to detail, research and project programming ensuring our clients’ expectations are realized.

Our services include campus housing, commercial, residential, physical land planning, feasibility and density studies, in addition to architectural design, construction documentation, and construction administration. This time tested, comprehensive approach allows for original design concepts that blend talent, experience, and imagination with thoughtful analysis recognizing the environment and current technology. Murray Duncan Architects is committed to our clients’ success and satisfaction.

Our mission statement is to strive, delight, and educate our clients in the process of realizing an amazing design solution and enjoying a successful experience. Our goal is an architectural solution that will complement the built environment; age gracefully and grow more beautiful with time. We are committed to our client’s success as well as being mindful of the impact our projects will have on generations to come and the legacy we leave behind.